Concrete can be challenging to keep looking new.

Spots or spills stick out which can make any concrete surface look very dated and dirty. We’re here to the rescue! Our concrete cleaning pressure washing system is no match for dirt, oil, and grease. Grease be gone. Concrete looking like new. When your concrete looks like new, your business looks its best. Having an attractive property is key to making sure your wife doesn’t make you sleep on the couch!

Our concrete cleaning pressure washing services are good for driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, pool patios, and basements.

With driveway, sidewalk, or garage floor projects, it’s not just about that particular surface. We ensure everything around the area being pressure washed is protected and covered if necessary, before pressure washing. We protect your assets that are vulnerable to the pressure stream. Flowers, signs, statues, ornaments or just about anything will be more will be safe with us. Too many pressure washers out there come in guns blasting, often causing more problems than their solving.


We also use biodegradable detergents to lift the dirt and contaminants from the concrete. This means you can rest assure that not only will your concrete surface look like new, sensitive landscape plantings surrounding the job, are safe and out of harm’s way. While we may it look easy, our equipment takes years of practice to master. For safety alone, you’re much better off leaving a professional to do the job.
Not all concrete cleaning surfaces are the same. Each has been affected by its environment in different ways. Before undertaking the project, we assess all stain types, such as transmission fluid, tire marks, grease, oil, and sap. Our team then determines the best plan of the action. Yes there’s a lot of power in our pressure washing, but our game is one of finesse. It’s the small strategic plays, that give you the big win. When we win, you win.


Calling us at 310-400-5211 is the fastest and easiest way to get a free estimate on our concrete cleaning services. Be sure to mention our website on the phone.

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