We keep your gutters clean

Your drainage system can easily clog with leaves and debris, harming the life of your gutters. Having any debris in your gutters leaves you at risk of a house fire. Falling ashes from a nearby house or wild fire can fall into your system. If a pile of dried of leaves and these embers connect, sound the alarm. We recommend having your gutters cleaned once a year if you’re home is surrounded by tall trees, bump that up to twice a year.

Professionally servicing your gutters is vital to a healthy roof, patio, foundation, and ultimately your bank account. Your gutter system was designed to collect rain water, and dispose of it, away from your home or commercial building. When working properly your roof works symbiotically with the gutters, and the rest of the building. Pressure Wash Co Los Angeles is here to help.

There are big concerns with blocked gutters. It’s not just that leaves and twigs build up, which can be unsightly. It’s not just the moss, fungi, and sludge that can build up either. The main culprit is stagnant water. When water sits in your gutters, it seeps into the roofing materials. Now you have rooting wood and damaged underlying materials, which will go unnoticed.

In addition to roof health, your patio is at risk of dripping water. The patio surface wasn’t designed to have constant water dripping in the same spot over and over. With time, if your rain gutters aren’t serviced, your wood or stone patio can rot and weaken. Lastly, the foundation of your building is at risk with clogged gutters. Gutters act as a protective shield. Moisture build up around your foundation can cause it to shift, or even crack. The headache to replace your foundation pails in comparison to the cost of maintaining your gutters with power washing.

Protecting your roof shingles

Knowing how to clean shingles is one thing, but knowing how to avoid damaging them is something we’ve mastered. When pressure washing it’s vital to wash at an angle that will send the water running down, towards the edge of the roof. We always avoid spraying water under the shingles. Sending water underneath the shingles can cause your roof to leak. The process is kind of like shaving, go with the grain. Or if you don’t shave, it’s like combing your hair, top to bottom. If you don’t shave or comb your hair, may we suggest a low pressure wash for you?

When on your roof, we don’t just step anywhere. We step only on the rafters. These are the areas with support beams, under the roofing. Our team has also been practicing walking ever so lightly to avoid damaging shingles. Our best shingle cleaner Lance won the national tip-toe contest last year. Okay, we made that part up, but stepping lightly will keep our team safe and your roof happy.


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